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In Noel Coward's day 'The Stately Homes of England' were grand places lived in by great families, and viewed from afar by the rest of the population with little hope of them ever seeing in through the front doors, let alone having the opportunity to wine and dine there.

Times have changed and now most of the Historic Houses - including many of the smaller properties also - in Britain are open to the public, giving visitors a chance to see for themselves how the privileged once lived in grand style, and, in a few cases, still do!

In this guide we have tried to widen the strict definition of a Stately Home to include as many places, from grand palaces to ancient monuments, as we possibly can, and give you the opportunity, with an extremely sophisticated 'Search' facility, to find very easily what you are looking for.

We have all the major properties in the Historic Houses Association, National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Cadw (Welsh Heritage), and The National Trust for Scotland, and give you details on how you can become a member or ‘friend’ of those organisations.

Moreover many of the Historic Houses specialise, not just in being open to the public so that their rooms and contents can be admired by all, but in going a stage further than that, and using their wonderful facilities to provide a superb setting for functions. Some even provide splendid accommodation to the highest standards of a luxury 5 Star hotel, but with the personal touch.

For a variety of occasions, from weddings to company conferences, many of the houses now are specialists in their chosen field, creating a quality of food and service to match that of the surroundings. They realise that, for most organisers, their main concern is not just to achieve a wonderful setting for that special day, but to make certain everything is conducted with professionalism to ensure a quality product.

So I hope that you will enjoy The Stately Homes Guide, and would be delighted if you would let me have your thoughts and opinions on what we have created. If you have any comments please either use our contact form, or write to me at the email address below.

Richard, Earl of Bradford (Email me direct)