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Gaulden Manor

By Sara Montague - 28 September 2010

My great great.........grandfather owned this place in about 1630........Robert Selleck.

Copped Hall

By Ann Paris - 14 September 2010

My grandfather worked on the Copped Hall estate for many years and name of the house, called New Farm House on the estate was changed, when the granddaughter of the Wythes family inherited the house she changed it to Paris Hall after him. He lived in the cottages on the high road, no 11 Griffins Wood Cotaages. His name was George Paris, his wife Jessie. When we were children, my brother and I used to play in the ruins of the hall, it was a wonderful time. If anyone remembers my family I would love you to get in touch.

Winkburn Hall

By V.A. - 12 September 2010

I stayed at Winkburn Hall in the first week of July 2010 with one of the owners' grandsons whose nanny I was at the time. It's a beautiful house which was in a huge disrepair when the present owners (the son of the original owner and his wife) reacquired it in the early 1980s after the original owners were forced to sell it in the 1930s. They are trying to put it back in shape. I had a great time there.

Smedmore House

By MS - 05 September 2010

As a photographer of historic buildings it was disappointing to see tented stalls directly in front of the house obscuring the view when there was plenty of room to accommodate these elsewhere in the grounds. Otherwise, well worth the entrance money, but it would be nice to be afforded a clear view of this magnificent house at some time in the future.

Smedmore House

By MM - 30 August 2010

Parts of Smedmore date back to the 14th Century when it was probably a farm house. The estate has been held by members of the same family since it was purchased during the reformation, and the original deeds are displayed in the house. The house has undergone many alterations since it was built and has two beautiful bow fronts bracketing what is now the entrance. It is likely that where visitors now enter (through the Cedar Room) was once the original entrance. Smedmore estate is set in beautiful countryside, surrounded by sea and hills with its own micro-climate which makes the gardens such a surprise. Once had its own brewery where you can now buy tea and cakes.

Wotton House

By Hugh N Talmage - 30 August 2010

Hello, I was at school at Wotton in the fifties, under Mr. Lester as Headmaster. It would be very interesting to get in touch with anybody who was at school during those years. I have visited Wotton several times over the years, hated school but loved the house and grounds, especially the fun we had on the lakes. So perhaps you might like to get in touch,, I hope so.

Sandford Orcas Manor House

By Alec Hamilton - 24 August 2010

The admission price was £5 not £4 when we went! However, well worth the visit. Sir Mervyn is a great guide, genial and relaxed, and the house is full of interest and surprises.

Hoghton Tower

By Jackie Warren - 15 August 2010

Just returned home after visiting the beautiful Hoghton Tower and Gardens. The guided tour was really informative and the hour and a half went so quickly. I will definitely be returning as there is still so much to see and enjoy. Well worth a visit.

Kentwell Hall

By Bob Atkin - 15 August 2010

We were warmly greeted by the lady at the entrance. We were pleasantly intrigued by Kentwell as it is very much a lived in home and not an art gallery or museum where everything is meticulously placed! It was nice to be able to take photographs inside the building too, a rare luxury these days at most stately homes. We visited Houghton Hall in Norfolk the previous day and must say we enjoyed Kentwell far more. The restoration being undertaken by the Phillips family is good to see and great credit is due to them for their tireless work in saving this magnificent building for future generations.

Paxton House & Country Park

By M. Monteith - 14 August 2010

Today we attended fish tagging at the Paxton House Netting Station, and found it very interesting and informative. The Tweed Foundation Members and all who were involved were very friendly and patient when answering our questions. We really enjoyed ourselves, and will definitely be back. Thank you.

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens

By Valerie Holdsworth - 27 July 2010

We had a most enjoyable visit to Brodsworth Hall today. The gardens were beautiful and the gardeners were very enthusiastic and informative about the plants. After a lunch taken in the outside area we visited the interior of the house and the room guides were so knowledgeable and ready to talk to us that it took much longer than we anticipated. Well done to everyone concerned we felt very welcome and the visit was excellent.

Lanhydrock House

By G Davies - 22 July 2010

We visited this house in June, house and particularly the gardens are pretty impressive and decorated with items from the period. We thought it slightly expensive for what it is, but has to be funded somehow; the staff also heavily pushed the National Trust annual membership. There is a fairly long walk from the car park to the house, which is a fairly steep hill, with the ascent on the return, there was a bus available, for a fee, walking isn't a problem for us but just a warning for anyone not expecting it. It is also worth leaving large bags in the car as you will be relieved of these when you enter the house which are returned when you leave, as with a lot of these places no photography in the house. Overall though a pleasant place to visit.

Maunsel House

By Chloe Jasmine Whichello - 16 July 2010

I have been fortunate enough to partake as a model in two Damien Lovegrove lighting workshops at Maunsel House. The drive up to the Manor is breathtaking- with a selection of gorgeous birds garnishing the grounds. As for the manor itself - every room is a photographers dream! A myriad of decadent unique rooms with beautiful features such as stained glass windows, a tin bath to die for, authentic period features - and my personal favourite - the master bedroom - a den of opulence and grace! The staff are attentive and welcoming and the cuisine is delicious and varied. I do look forward to my next time at Maunsel.


By Jan Chruscikowski - 25 June 2010

I was born at Greywalls in July 1947 and would dearly like to revisit at some point. At that time it was in use by the Polish forces as a maternity hospital.

Knowsley Hall

By Pauline Lyon - 21 June 2010

My great grandfather worked on the estate for many years and I would be interested in some information about him if possible. His name was Robert Lyon and he died in 1932.

Copped Hall

By Anon - 05 June 2010

I have not been to Copped Hall yet. It was owned by my ancestors, on my mother's side. The Cranfields, Earls of Middlesex.

Riverhill House Gardens

By Simon Sweeting - 10 May 2010

A wonderful day out for the children, making dens and running off excess energy, the Bluebell woods are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Ice Cafe with great cream teas. Thank you.

Leadenham House

By S.Betts - 28 April 2010

I visited on April 23rd. Leadenham House is situated on a rise with lovely views of surrounding countryside. The house is still a home with some lovely rooms and magnificent views over the parkland down to the lake. The village church which ajoins Leadenham Park is very interesting with a fine ceiling by Pugin.

Wimpole Hall & Home Farm

By Ruthie Vishnick - 23 April 2010

We had a lovely day out. Good lunch in a clean attractive restaurant. The farm was interesting and informative and we loved the walled garden. Plants for sale - bought some herbs. All in all, definitely worth a visit.

Winkburn Hall

By Fred L Beauchamp - 19 April 2010

My father Fred A Beauchamp was caretaker at Winkburn Hall in and around 1948. My mother and I lived at the hall during his employment. I attended the village school, two classes in one room. I had a job distributing logs to all of the halls great fire hearths, and stood in line with the staff on a pay day, received half a crown for my toils. Old Harry was the man in charge of the stables and piggery, I was often found helping him, he used to take me with him to Mansfield on a market day. I have wonderful memories of living at the hall, the church had footprints on the roof, I was told made by burglars or the like. I last visited the hall in 1990, but found no one around but must admit I took photographs. I believe it was Mrs Longstaff I spoke to in the village, my name was the school registrar, at 8years of age. I would love to make one last nostalgic visit in the near future. Memories come flooding back.

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