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Mawley Hall

By joyce lawrence - 03 January 2014

I have only seen the grounds briefly on one visit 2008 but have long been fascinated with the History of Mawley Hall as my great grandfather was born there in 1812. My great great grandparents lived there from their marriage in 1809 till their deaths in 1858 and 1871 respectively. They were non conformists and still trying to locate their burial place with little success. What I have learnt is, Bessie Blount had a son with Henry the Eighth who was recognised by him and died sadly at age 17. Also in the parish records, my grandfather's entry on March 19th 1812 is just a few entries before Napolean Bonaparte's brother Lucienne Bonaparte's daughters Baptism. One of the Blounts was put in the Tower as he was a Royalist and refused to make armour for Cromwells Army. So much fascinateing history to this lovely place, I hope to visit it again one day and see it properly.

The Octagon - Orleans House Gallery

By mark de novellis - 18 December 2013

A beautiful historic building overlooking the River Thames at Twickenham near secluded woodland. Free entry to 2 galleries and the heritage display in the cafe. Welcoming staff and very family friendly. The exhibitons change on a regular basis and are high quality and innovative. The current Madge Gill exhibition is not to be missed!

Haddonstone Show Garden

By Simon Spectacle - 09 December 2013

What a gem. And no charge for entry. Have just spend a fascinating couple of hours wandering around these gardens viewing all of Haddonstone's wonderful statues, planters, fountains and follies. I particularly liked the statue walk and the Gothic Grotto. There is also a great view across the lawn with a tiered fountain in the foreground and the village church in the background. Immaculately maintained, the gardens are only normally open during the week but I am told that they do open a couple of times a year at weekends to raise money for the NGS. There is a great gastro pub in the village which made my visit even more worthwhile!

Wotton House

By Capt Jon V Vincent - 19 October 2013

I was a pupil at Wotton House in the mid 1950s, I remember the lake and swimming and fishing them in the summer and skating on them in the winter. My dorm was on the first floor, on the left rear of the main, house. The main library was always full of marvelous books. Also remember the cold Sunday walks to the Chapel down the hill. All happy memories. When the school failed I went to Hurstpier Point College, Hassocks, Sussex. I am retired now living in the Ozarks on the White River in Northern Arkansas, USA. another long story but would love to visit the house again. I have always felt privileged to have been in such a beautiful house.

Wimpole Hall & Home Farm

By Lyn streetly - 26 September 2013

Wimpole hall has it all, this stately home and all it offers are superb, so much to see and do .the staff are wonderful and so helpful, the Halloween evenings we miss as these were absolutely fabulous. Firework display is still going strong .i cant count how many years we have been coming , firstly our children and now grandchildren and the magic is still all around now as it was then.We all love this beautiful place it's our little bit of heaven. Xxx

Wollaton Hall & Park

By phil ali - 25 September 2013

What a lovely surprise,good parking ,nice grounds to wander round,open house and welcoming atmosphere,an excellent museum with a fine collection of mineral exhibits and other artifacts .Well worth a visit for half or full day,depending on picnic weather and not to forget the wonderful deer herd. Phil from brum

Pitstone Windmill

By c brazier - 25 September 2013

I was one of three apprentice who built the sails for pitstone windmill at Aylesbury college

Copped Hall

By Linda - 23 September 2013

I am so pleased and love the fact that people who lived on the estate have got in touch as it really adds to the history of the good work that is being done to bring Copped Hall back from a ruin.

Belton House

By Lloyd Johnson - 23 September 2013

I visited Belton House in 1981 while in the country for the Royal Wedding. At the Belton House I saw a Mona Lisa hanging on the wall. My inquiry was answered that there are six Mona Lisas in 1904. There whereabouts of only four are known today, as of 1981. I have searched the internet for information about the paintings but find nothing of the other five. Only the one in the Lourve is recognized.

Leadenham House

By Susan Morriss-Begg - 16 September 2013

I have much admired this Georgian building having viewed from a distance travelling on A17 towards Sleaford on my way back from, usually dog shows... So in love with this house, so much so, that I have now researched and found out that it is open to visitors... Thrilled with the knowledge, however, so disappointed to learn that opening times have passed, I will now have to wait until the Spring, should have researched earlier :( Regards Susan

Carnfield Hall

By Elizabeth Dominguez - 28 August 2013

Saw a program on the telly. Truly beautiful house and grounds chockers with the most breath-taking antiques of all descriptions. Love to visit though Australia is a long way away.Thank God it has all been so magnificently preserved. All credit to the owner. He has an absolute treasure house of exquisite objets d'art. Grateful thanks for the incredible privilege of seeing it and them. all the best in the future. Regards Elizabeth Dominguez

Hammerwood Park

By Jacqueline Denise Mack - 26 August 2013

My partner and I visited this house this afternoon, unfortunately, we missed the guided tour but were welcomed in for tea. We did not see inside the house because we missed the tour. We joined the conversation with the owner and his theories about the architecture and design, which was very interesting. The house has been saved from ruin by th owner and his family. The view from the house is stunning. We will make a proper visit rather than drop by too late to see this fascinating house.

Ripley Castle

By ron campling - 24 August 2013

I have just come back from spending two days in Harrowgate,one of my days was spent in Ripley. We arrived at about 10am and to my amazement there was a free car park to start with, space if you wanted to to have your picnic. We had already decided we were going to visit Ripley Castle we were told that the first tour would start at 11am so we had a look around for a while and had a look at the deli and a bit of the grounds. Anyway the tour started we were greeted by our guide, about 12 of us and what a lovely tour. We had just seven rooms but steeped with centuries of history and it was exellent value. There was plenty to do we had a good walk round the lake, we also mingled in with other families as there was a competition for the children to discover which boar was what, we spent the whole day there and would like to say thankyou Ron Campling

Kentchurch Court

By susan gillespie - 24 August 2013

I wonder if this place is England's best-kept secret; Kentchurch hardly seems to figure on the map, and the road signage gives not the slightest clue of what to expect. The Bridge Inn was well worth a visit, and easy to find, since Kentchurch village is so very, very small. It has a very decorative painted sign in which the original Manorial Lord, Jack of Kent, cheats the devil of a human soul -we are already in the land of legends here,on the very western edge of England and Wales. The river Monnow marks the border, and the Bridge is still there, though a obviously updated in a previous century. The Great House itself has its own stock of legends, all of which seem perfectly convincing. There has never been a more romantic house. Situated in a hollow, surrounded by gorgeous gardens, overlooked by deer grazing under the great old oaks on the hill behind...I saw a production of "Romeo and Juliet" here one summer dusk in the ampitheatre in front of the house. The setting could not have been better. The house has evolved over it's life and clearly shows each stage of development, beginning with an 11th Century tower reputed to be the last hiding place of Owen Glendower, Welsh prince and hero. I have it on good authority that his presence still lingers. If you are travelling through the West Midlands from Hereford to Abergavenny, look very carefully for the signs at Pontrilas, take a left onto B4543, and back in time.


By donald fraser - 24 August 2013

Grew up at Balcarres in the early 50's , ( spratty hall) still looks the same , good as ever.

Parham House & Gardens

By Patricia Walker - 15 August 2013

I first went to Parham Park some years ago and, needless to say, I fell in love with it, so much so that, I have visited it several times since. It is so beautiful and peaceful that I could live there quite happily for the rest of my days - if only!

Sufton Court

By J Simpson - 13 August 2013

Beautiful house in wonderful setting on top of a rise, with far stretching views. House is compact with just four rooms on the ground floor for visitors to view. Well maintained. Charming owner guides you round his home.

St Mary's Church

By Dave - 09 August 2013

Hello , Sorry to say I have not yet visited St Marys , BUT , One of my ancestors got married here , DAVID REES 1799 Newcastle, Carmarthenshire , and SARAH ELIZABETH JONES 1800 Carmarthen . - St Marys Church , Cardigan , Sept 1825. Any-one reading this , who is connected , I would love to hear from you . share info .

Kiplin Hall

By Carolyn - 04 August 2013

we have had the honor to visit Kiplin Hall twice. The first a brief few hours in March of 2012 the second May 2013. We are seeing many upgrade to the garden in just one year and the house is amazing as it was the time before. We spent four days at Kiplin in May. We attended a Tea, worked the gardens, and attended to a room for visitors. Our 12th great grandfather would be proud of the love and attention that those who see to Kiplin has given. The time of day visited makes a huge difference as to how Kiplin looks to a person. A morning walk around the lake bring forth things and an evening walk you notice other things. The sheep grazing moving from spot to spot depending upon the time of day. The sunshine into the home at different angles and the attention to details both inside and outside are amazing. You feel at home! You feel it could be your home! Few places have made me want to unpack my bag and stay but that is how you feel at Kiplin Hall. I hope to return soon but Illinois is a long haul but worth it!

Easby Abbey

By Carolyn Wands - 04 August 2013

We actually happened upon Easby Abbey while we stayed at Kiplin Hall Maryland Study Center. A Sunday afternoon in May driving through the beauty of the countryside we saw the sign Easby Abbey and decided to check it out. The five of us have decided it was one of the highlights of our Yorkshire vacation. The beauty and setting of the area is amazing. So much to see and it is a photo heaven. The flowers were in bloom and the grass so green and the Abbey stood out majestically wanting to be explored and explore we did. The River runs through the land making for even more amazing views. A quiet few hours of a venture we will not soon forget. Can't believe it is free....what price can a person put on peace, beauty, and solitude. Then just around the corner you have Kiplin Hall and so many other greay stately homes!

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