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Palaces that have been or remain royal are special. Their history is often an open introduction, their assocations are not infrequently violent and politically underlined. There are five Royal Palaces open to the public in Britain and the beauty of it is that their history goes on being made. When Windsor Castle was badly damaged by fire in 1992 it never occurred to anybody, except perhaps a few rabid republicans, that it would not be repaired, whatever the cost.

Historic Royal Palaces did not choose its five constituents, history has provided them. Nobody could have done a better job; they represent so many facets of British life and pinpoint critical tipping points of the royal progress through the centuries. The fact that the most recent addition is a deeply touching, relatively modest house in which the monarch of the day must have lived in some discomfort, yet clearly blissful domestic happiness, is not without significance.

Each palace has much to say about its era, they are beautifully presented, and with one unavoidable exception they are all lived in.

Balmoral Castle (Grounds & Exhibitions)

  • Address: Balmoral, Ballater, AB35 5TB [Map]

Buckingham Palace

  • Address: London, SW1A 1AA [Map]

Frogmore House

  • Address: Home Park, Windsor, SL4 1NJ [Map]

Kensington Palace

Selected Property

  • Address: London, W8 4PX [Map]


Selected Property

  • Address: Sandringham, PE35 6EN [Map]

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

  • Address: Edinburgh, EH8 8DX [Map]

The Tower of London

Selected Property

  • Address: London, EC3N 4AB [Map]

Windsor Castle

  • Address: Windsor, SL4 1NJ [Map]