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Situated in Aberdeenshire, Crimonmogate is a Grade A listed mansion house and one of the most easterly stately homes in Scotland. It was originally commissioned in 1820 for the Carnegie family, who lived here up until the mid 1900s - and is now owned by William and Candida, Viscount and Viscountess Petersham.

Whilst undoubtedly a stately home in the truest sense, Crimonmogate is just as much about the ‘homely’ as it is about the ‘stately’. Imposing and yet friendly, stylish yet understated, palatial and yet intimate – it is one of the few stately homes in Britain that also feels as comfortable as a family residence.

Crimonmogate is situated between Fraserburgh and Peterhead, and within easy reach of Aberdeen - in an area which benefits from up to 20 hours of daylight in mid-summer, with stunning skies visible round the clock. It was one of the earliest venues in Aberdeenshire to be awarded a license for civil ceremonies

Crimonmogate was designed by the celebrated neo-Classical Architect Archibald Simpson, who was also the architect of many of the finest public buildings and country houses in Scotland during the Regency period. Completed in 1825, it is generally regarded as Simpson's finest country house and is now Grade A listed, which indicates its unique historical and architectural importance. The architecture is described as being a ‘uniquely successful blend of the unostentatious masculinity of the Scottish vernacular style, with harmonious proportions and civilised, ordered grandeur of the neo-Greek’.

A key feature of the house is The Great Hall, which is widely regarded as being one of the most magnificent interiors in Europe and is said to be a ‘refined and disciplined echo’ of Vanbrugh's Great Hall at Blenheim Palace. On sunny days, the light strikes through the yellow-tinted glass of the lantern cupola in the centre of the ceiling and, coupled with the warm colours in which the hall is decorated, is designed to create the effect of an ‘inside out’ chamber bathed in the sun of classical Greece.

One of the most outstanding features of Crimonmogate is the extensive and beautiful gardens in which it is situated. These extend the benefit of the house as an event venue by providing the perfect location for al fresco gatherings of any type, from drinks receptions and garden parties right through to concerts and weddings.

In the Spring the woods by the East Lawn are carpeted with snowdrops in their thousands. Then as the weather becomes warmer, these give place to daffodils, followed by a sea of bluebells and dense clouds of forget-me-nots. In the Summer, the copper beeches darken to provide a contrast with the evergreen of the giant and ancient Sitka spruce by the East Carriage Drive, and the leaf-green of the beeches around the house, many of which are almost 200 years old.

To the South of the main front of the house, there is a sundial dated 1780, bearing the Initials ‘PM’ for Patrick Milne, who commissioned the house. This interesting instrument bears noon marks for Bengal, Peking and Barbados, demonstrating the wide geographical spread of Milne's interests and the many sources of his wealth, which enabled him to commission one of the great stately homes of Europe.

Crimonmogate sits in what is known as the ‘North East Neuk’ of Scotland, two miles from the village of Crimond. The estate itself is well wooded, secluded and very beautiful - almost entirely surrounded by beech hedges and stands of mature beech trees. The house is situated at its heart and is not overlooked by any other building, nor can it be seen from outside the estate. In fact, the nearest major road is more than half a mile away - so the estate is a haven of quiet, where the only sounds are the singing of the birds and the wind in the trees.

Opening Times

23rd April 2013 until the 6th May 2013
2nd June 2013 until the 16th June 2013
The principal rooms of the house will be open with tours at 11:00, 13:30 and 14:30 and by appointment.
A maximum of 12 people will be allowed entry at any one time.

Admission Prices

£7 per adult
£5 children

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